• Mediterranean Search and Rescue

    Selected videos I filmed and produced during my stay onboard "Dignity 1", a search and rescue vessel operated by the medical NGO Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Central African Republic

    Videos I produced during my stay in Central African Republic, documenting activities of medical NGO Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). I documented a day of Telesphore, MSF health promotor, in one of the biggest displaced people's camps in the city of Batangafo. I also followed an emergency operation in the southern region of Kouango, at the border of Congo DRC, where people have been living in the bush fleeing outbursts of sectarian violence and have not had access to healthcare for more than two years.
  • Mediterranean Rescue

    Doctors Without Borders, 2015

    Since May 2015 three Doctors Without Borders (MSF) boats launched "Search and Rescue operation" on Mediterranean sea, in order to prevent more people from dying in a dangerous crossing to Europe. Every day wooden and rubber boats, stuffed with men, women and children from all over Africa and Middle East are sent on an impossible journey from Libyan coast towards Italy. While mainstream media focus on reports of tragic sinkings and rescue efforts human stories are often being forgotten. Since July I have been documenting stories of people who decided to take on this perilious journey and the work of MSF team on board of "Dignity 1".      
  • Pretty Radical

    The Guardian, Poland 2014

    "I joined National Radical Camp because... I don't want people to go abroad", explains Paulina, who is determined to help build a "Greater Poland" where people want to stay. By joining the almost exclusively male National Radical Camp and running in local elections, Paulina has become a poster girl for the Nationalist Movement. In the words of her mentor, "When you see a pretty young woman, you don't think of a bald hooligan vandalising the city".  But what exactly has driven this patriotic young women to join the nationalist group, and will anything make her question her loyalty? Shot and co-directed by Marta Soszynska, with Marta Kasztelan as a journalist. Edited by Agnieszka Ligget, Produced by Juliet Riddel for The Guardian.
  • USUN Rome in Cambodia

    Little Big Films, Cambodia 2014

    Account of the visit of the US Ambassador to UN agencies in Rome (USUN Rome), David Lane to Cambodia, where him and his team learned about the development projects aiming to address the issue of food security in the country. In Cambodia  many children's only meal is a bowl of a plane rice, but donating food is not enough. Families lack access to stable sources of income and shortage of land is another big issue. USAID and other UN agencies such as World Food Program have been benefiting from American donations to try to tackle the issues that lay at the core of the problem of food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition in Cambodia. Scenario and filming: Marta Soszynska, editing: Haig Balian and Marta Soszynska. Commissioned by LittleBIG Films.  
  • Bring back the Vinyl

    the Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia, 2013

    60s and 70s were a Golden Era for Cambodia’s Music. Artists educated in Royal Academy of Arts, often under patronage of King Norodom Sihanouk, produced original songs inspired by Western rock’n’roll and jazz but also sourced from traditional, Khmer music. The result was one of its kind, and the music industry thrived. However the grandeur of the 60s and 70s was partly lost with the arrival of the Khmer Rouge who went on meticulously destroying any signs of culture, including thousands of music records, and murdering artists and musicians of that time. What remained was preciously hidden by the devoted collectors, who risked their lives to protect the records from destruction. Many of them carried the records with them during their escape from the war-torn country, and decided only to reveal their collections many years later. This video piece examines the state of the Khmer rock'n'roll today, as both younger and older generation rediscover their cultural heritage, embarking on a passionate journey to bring back the golden sounds with their forgotten history.
  • Allen, Made in Ireland

    Personal Project, Dublin 2013

    What is the value of family owned business in Ireland after the crisis? Intimate portrait of Allen Prosser, 86 year old, who owns a fishing gear store in Dublin, in the same place since 70 years. But Allen is much more than a shop owner and his shop hides many treasures. Subtitles available in English and Polish. Film by Marta Soszynska with original score by Noël Duplaa (Cfit) You can visit Allen's shop ABC Fishing Tackle at 15 Mary's Abbey, Dublin
  • Dublin Startup Weekend

    2013 Dublin Startup Weekend

    This video was made for the Dublin Startup Weekend, an event that brings young entrepreneurs together and allows them to work on a business idea over the weekend, with a guidance and support of professionals and business owners.Editing by Monica Brandini.
  • Todo sobre mi mama

    Personal Project, ongoing

    "My mum almost never travelled outside her country when she was young. Her youth was defined, like youth of the most of my generation’s parents, by the communist regime's reality. It was a life in the closed, self-contained world with not much options, so sharply contrasting with my youth full of opportunities, diversity and travel. Since couple of years my mum has been following me in the far-away places where I decided to live and work. I observed her trying to absorb this new world that never occurred to her before as real. In the last 5 years she visited 3 new continents, travelling through cultures and spaces that were previously unattainable, but also through her own fears, prejudice and boundaries." The pictures come from our journeys in Kenya, Canada, Cambodia and Thailand. Read more on my blog.
  • Karaoke Girls of Cambodia

    Since Cambodia introduced a law delegalizing prostitution in 2008, the business moved underground. Nowadays karaokes, massages and beer parlors are places where sex is sold for money, far from tourists’ eyes. However, this led to the situation where women working as “Entertainment workers” are selling sex for money, but with no rights to protect themselves. This project has been devoted to the work of ACTED, French NGO working with prostitutes and women in karaoke business in Phnom Penh. It was a part of PhotoPhilanthropy 2012 competition.
  • King’s mourning

    Mourning of the Father of the Nation, King Sihanouk Norodom, in front of the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh, where his body has been exposed to the public for three months. On Monday 15 October, “Father of the Nation”, king Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia died in China, aged 89.
    Born in 1922 he lived through the most turbulent moments of Cambodia’ s history, witnessing independence from France, Lol Non’s coup, life in exile, Khmer Rouge regime, Vietnamese occupation, UN protectorate, power struggle between Cambodia’s political factions and, finally, peace under (not official but still) one party rule. By the end of his life he gave up throne to his son, and spent much of his time China, where he has always been warmly welcomed.
    In one of the interviews he said about his people:
    “Their great misfortune is that they always have terrible leaders who make them suffer. I am not sure that I was much better myself, but perhaps I was the least bad.”
    On Wednesday king’ s body travelled to Phnom Penh, bringing million of people on the streets to mourn the Father of the Nation. But not everybody loved the king, and many younger people have a critical opinion on his reign, which has been manifested mostly online, through Facebook etc.
    More on the king and the difficult relationship with his nation: www.blueladyblog.com
  • Water and Sanitation on a big screen

    ACTED/UNICEF, Phnom Penh, 2012

    This video has been produced for French non gonvernmental oranization ACTED. It was shown to the flood-prone villages in Kandal province near Phnom Penh during the UNICEF-funded project of improving sanitation and water safety in Cambodia. Some footage from the video has been also part of UNICEF fundrising campaign in Korea.
  • Generation Y in Paris

    Cafe Babel, Paris, 2012 (Eng. captions)

    What does Generation Y mean for European youth? Through a couple of informal interviews this video explores whether Generation Y is a known notion for the youth representing the generation themselves. What do we think of technology, smartphones addiction, and our mothers following us on facebook? More on Cafe Babel website
  • Peace is Variety

    NATO competition, Paris, 2012

    This one minute video took part in competition organized by NATO looking at what peace means to the youth around the world. Inspired by the Indian Holi festival of colours and multicultural environment of Parisian Cite Universitaire.
  • Somali Women

    At the time of the famine in the Horn of Africa in 2010 Somali Women were, for the first time in Somalia's history, contributing to the decisionmaking and peaceful resolution of the civil war in their country. It was an unprecedented step forward towards inclusion of women in the Somali society and politics. Photography during UNWomen sponsored workshops for Somali Women Civil Society Leaders on Peace and Mediation, Nairobi 2010.